Nearby Attractions

Rang Mahal: Built by Raja Umed Singh in the mid-18th century, Rang Mahal is also known as the 'Painted Palace'. It is situated at Chamba and was meant to serve as the residence of the royal women.

Visnu, Laksmi - Damodara Tempel: This "bronze" (brass) image was stolen in the 1970s and recovered by police in Bombay, after which it was photographed by the Archaeological Survey of India and published (Sadashiv Gorakshkar, Bulletin of the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India 11 (1971:33ff). Under present-day circumstances it is impossible to see or photograph it in the Hari Rai temple in Chamba without its ritual trappings. Nor has the image ever been photographed without the black eye-outlines which radically alter the original facial expression: beneath the paint, the eyes as depicted in the metal are of course smaller, and half-closed in contemplation. This would originally have produced the striking contrast between the serenity of the central face and the ferocity of the animal side-faces, which is so marked a feature of the 8th-century Kashmiri Viu with three heads from Bejbehara

Bharmour: Bharmour is a nice off-the-beaten track place 107 kms from Dalhousie. There are two roads to Bharmour, one is via Banikhet and Chamba while the other is via Khajjjiar and Chamba. The first route is a little longer but better as the road is wider and with fewer turns. The Khajjiar / Chamba road is very narrow and hilly. Via Banikhet, it is a good 4hrs drive, the last quater of which is fairly tough with broken roads due to construction of dams on River Ravi. Public buses regularly ply from Dalhousie via Chamba. The two places to see in the town are the Chaurasi Temple Complex, which is beautiful and clean and surrounded by numerous schools. All of the Schools have a lunch break at 1pm and pack up at 4pm. The rush of bright, cute and energetic children from all sides is a sight to see.